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Following the partial easing of the UK Government rules restricting personal contact and social interaction, Archery GB released guidelines describing how archery clubs can reintroduce shooting in a controlled and safe manner.  We have put links to all the relevant documents here.

Getting our shooting ground and the supporting infrastructure into line with the new Archery GB Guidelines has been quite a long and complicated job.  The whole committee has been involved, along with help from some very able volunteers and we can announce that shooting at Droitwich Archery Society will resume on Monday 1st June.

Because the threat of COVID-19 is still very much present, there are some new rules which we must all observe while at the shooting ground.  Members will have received a copy of the rules which will apply from June 1st.  Please read them, and if you have any questions let us know.

Only Club members who have registered and paid their subscription fees are allowed to shoot.
For the moment, we cannot accommodate non-members


Spaces will be limited.  Please use our booking system to reserve your target.

The range is currently laid to metric target distances.  The targets must not be moved.

Targets are separated by five metres.  One person or household group per target.


Shooting is divided into two-hour sessions. 
So that everyone has the best chance of shooting, you can book up to four sessions per week.

Our task in bringing the club back towards normal operation has been greatly helped by a significant grant from Sport England as part of their
Community Emergency Fund.

It has helped us pay for our final indoor bookings at the High School, and for the field to be professionally raked, rolled and regularly cut while we have been unable to do it ourselves.  This has made a massive difference to the state of the field, after it was waterlogged and unusable for most of the winter.

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