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Archer Classification Tables

Archery classifications are used to compare archers of different abilities, and to give an archer an idea of how they are improving.  Tournaments often have additional medals awarded for the highest score by an archer in a given classification.

The options below give you the details of classifications for each category, bow style  and season.  

Full details of the Archery GB Classification Scheme are in the Archery GB Shooting Administrative Procedures

Archr category
Bow style
Indoor Classifications


An archer can gain an Indoor classification by shooting three scores within the scoring range for that classification within an indoor season. Each classification describes a range of ability, with the scores in the tables below showing the lowest achieved score which counts for a given classification.  For example, a Gents' score of 187 on a Worcester round is E Class.


To gain E Class, the archer would need another two scores of the same classification (for any round) 

Outdoor Classifications

The ArcheryGB outdoor classification system consists of 9 different awards that recognise progression through various milestones. The 9 awards are split into three tiers, each with three classifications in it.


To claim a classification, you need to shoot a number of rounds above a certain threshold score. The total amount of arrows changes as you move up the tiers. You can mix and match rounds of different lengths in order to make up the total.

For Archer and Bowman classifications, your club records officer can confirm you’ve met the requirements. Badges are available from several sources for these tiers.

Master Bowman tier classifications need to be claimed from ArcheryGB. A claim form is available on the website where you can list your qualifying scores.

  • The Archer Tier is aimed at a wide range of club-level archers. It allows any round to be shot, totalling a minimum of 12 dozen arrows across the rounds.

  • The Bowman Tier is aimed at archers who are at the level where they might choose to enter competitions, right the way from club-level events to national level events. Bowman Tier requires 18 dozen arrows, shot over a smaller selection of rounds, in a competitive environment. You can still shoot these at the club as they don't need to be shot under record-status conditions.

  • The Master Bowman Tier is aimed archers competing at the highest levels of the sport. These classifications are only achievable at record-status events, and are administered by Archery GB.

Classification Tables

The ArcheryGB documents linked below contain the complete classification tables for all combinations of bowstyle, gender and age-group, and also include descriptions of each round. Because of that, the documents are huge and difficult to look through on a web page. It's a good idea to print out the document that’s relevant to you and keep it with your archery kit as a quick reference, or add the following bookmark to your browser:

Archery GB Classification Tables

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