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Frequently Asked Questions - Archery

Is there more than one type of archery?


We are a Target Archery club, we stand in one line and shoot at targets at a set range. In Field Archery, the archer walks round a course (usually in woodland) shooting at targets at different distances.

Is it dangerous?


Although the bow and arrow is essentially a weapon, our club (and all the others in the UK) is strictly run under very stringent safety rules. Thus the sport of archery boasts one of the lowest rates of injury of any sport in the UK. You are much much less likely to be injured participating in archery than, say, football.

Can disabled people do archery?


Archery is very accessible to disabled people. In general you need reasonable strength and co-ordination in the upper body and both arms, steady hands and reasonable eyesight although adaptations can be made depending on the individual's needs. Wheelchair users tend to use compound bows because of their compact nature and can compete on equal terms with able-bodied archers. 

Droitwich Archery Society welcomes applications from disabled archers and will, upon request, lay on "Burntwood" rounds (for visually impaired archers) at its open tournaments. Both of our shooting venues are accessible for wheelchairs.

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