Starting Archery

Beginners' courses

Because of the nature of the sport, in order to shoot with us you will need to have completed a beginners' course with a club affiliated to the ArcheryGB, the sport's UK governing body.  We also run regular beginners' courses of our own.  You can book a place here.

Age limits

Along with many other clubs, we have a minimum age of eight for the purposes of insurance cover.  We also often find that children under ten are not quite big or strong enough to participate effectively, or are not quite ready for the amount of listening and following instruction that is involved!

Similarly, older people or those with health problems may also struggle physically. However, everyone is different and you are welcome to try!

People with disabilities

Archery is particularly suitable for people who use wheelchairs. It is also possible to shoot if you have a visual impairment; if you have any queries feel free to contact our Coach Liaison Officer who will be able to advise you.

The Society reserves the right not to accept onto a course anybody who our coaches consider unable to shoot safely, for whatever reason.  All of our beginners' courses are run according to the guidelines laid down by the sport’s governing body, ArcheryGB.

Membership & ongoing training

If you complete the course to the satisfaction of our coaches you will be invited to join the club.


If you decide to become a member you will receive additional training, designed to further improve your shooting and to introduce you to the way of life of a club archer. These sessions will be during a normal club shooting session, to aid integration into the club.