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Subscription fees

as at 1st April 2022

National, Region and County Fees

Affiliation fees to Archery GB (AGB), West Midlands Archery Society (WMAS) and County of Worcester Archery (CWAA) are fixed amounts.  These will be collected by the Club separately, on 1st September each year in line with Archery GB’s year end.

These fees cover archers' insurance and go towards the other costs involved in running Archery GB at its various levels. County funds are spent on holding inter-county matches, as well as funding bursaries and club grants.

Club Fees

The annual fees for each Membership Type are shown in the table below.

Note that we now have no per-session shooting fees, these have been rolled up into the annual (or monthly by Direct Debit) club fees. We have calculated the fees such that anyone shooting an average of once a week will pay the same as they used to on the old system.  The more you shoot, the less each session will cost you!

Notes on the table above

1 - Monthly Direct debits are payable in 12 instalments when part of a 12-month membership.

2 - Monthly Direct debits are payable in 6 instalments when member purchases a 6-month membership.

3 - Anytime membership only available as an add-on to an existing membership.

Family discount

A family discount (minimum one adult, one under 18) of 10% will be applied to all family member fees (second and subsequent adults, and all juniors), excluding affiliation fees.


Indoor shooting for non-members

Summer only members who are members of Archery GB may shoot indoors on an occasional basis for the current visitor rate of £7 

Occasional Outdoor Shooting outside of club practice times

Summer members who wish to shoot outside of club practice times may do so for a fee of £5. We will refund up to six sessions (£30) for any member converting to Anytime membership in the same year. Non-members will be charged £10.

Direct debits

Direct debit payments are spread over 6 months (seasonal) or 12 months (annual).  Direct debit payments are subject to a 50p monthly surcharge, to cover processing costs we pay to our third party payment collector.  Direct debits are only available after three months membership, and not available for Winter-only membership.

Please note that we offer a direct debit facility as a convenience to members.
If you choose to cancel your direct debit before the full membership fee has been paid
you will still be liable for any outstanding balance.

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