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Frequently Asked Questions - Beginners

When is the next course?

We run courses during the winter and summer. Summer we usually shoot outside and in winter the course would be indoors. Each course lasts for four consecutive weekly sessions of 3 hours each. We have a long waiting list, so for dates of the next available spaces on a course, please contact

Do I have to buy equipment?

No, we really recommend you wait until you have been shooting for a while. The club will lend you equipment during the beginners' course, and you would quickly outgrow any equipment you buy in the first couple of months of shooting. The club coaches will be happy to visit an archery shop with you once you are ready to buy some equipment, and to advise on what might best suit.

Can I just try it?

The club runs several "Have A Go" sessions at events in and around Droitwich during the summer season, including an annual appearance at Hanbury Fete in June. This gives you the opportunity to shoot a few arrows at a target and see how you like it. We also occasionally run open days at our outdoor shooting ground, near Hanbury, where you can come along and give it a try. Contact us to see if there are any Have A Go sessions currently planned.  We also regularly get asked to organise archery sessions for corporate team building events, birthday, hen or stag parties and other one-off occasions. Please contact the secretary if you would like to visit us in Droitwich for a special event.

Where are the courses held?

We will run the courses at our usual shooting venues.  In the winter, that's Droitwich High School, and in the summer it's our own shooting ground near Hanbury.  Location details are on our Contacts page.

What clothing should I wear?

Close fitting clothing will help to prevent the bowstring from catching you, so avoid baggy sleeves or bulky jackets as these will make it difficult to shoot.  For courses that are outside you should bring suitable clothing, including footwear (NO open toes - you won't be allowed to shoot). Long hair should be tied back and we recommend removing upper body piercings and these can catch.

There is a serious risk of injury if any of the above conditions are ignored, so the club reserves the right to request any persons unable or unwilling to comply, to leave the course.

Will there be any physical contact between the coach and the archer?

As a sport which introduces unfamiliar motion, a degree of minor physical contact will be necessary during the tuition, e.g. to show you the correct way to stand, or how to hold the bow. If you have any objections to this, please let the coaching team know.

How old do I have to be?

Children need to be at least 8 years old in order to be covered by our insurance, but just as importantly they must be mature enough to listen and follow instructions and physically big and strong enough to use the equipment. In practice we do find that children under 10 sometimes struggle with one or the other of these things! There is no upper age limit, so as long as you are fit enough to take part you are very welcome to have a go.

Do I need to remain with my child during the lessons?

Yes, you will be expected to remain with them at all times for the duration of the lessons if they are under 16. You will also be required to complete the parental consent part of our enrollment form prior to your child’s participation in any of our courses.

How much does it cost?

The costs of our beginners' courses are listed on the main beginners page.  This cost includes all tuition and equipment.  Club membership costs are listed in the Members' section.

A trainer bow like the one which you will use on our beginners’ course costs about £70 with a basic set of arrows costing under £40 – but we recommend you buy a better bow than this. A sensible amount to spend to get yourself all of the equipment that you will need in order to enjoy the sport and make progress is likely to be around £300 to £400. PLEASE don't buy anything before you complete a beginners' course as it will probably not be suitable for you after a couple of months.

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