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We have members of all ages, with differing abilities, and are always delighted to welcome new members, whether they are complete beginners or experienced archers who need a club.

Members can shoot up to four times a week in the outdoor season, and twice a week indoors. Membership fees are a single amount - we don't have a per-session shooting fee, so the more sessions you shoot, the cheaper it gets. This can work out as low as £2 per shoot in the winter and £1.25 in the summer.

We have discounts for family membership (minimum one senior and one junior), and an add-on option for using our private shooting ground at any time of the week.  Full details on the Membership Fees page.

Archery GB Membership
As an Archery GB affiliated club, all our members join Archery GB.  This provides £10M public liability insurance cover while we are shooting, as well as a membership card to allow entry to local and national competitions, a regular full colour magazine and several retailer discounts.  The fee above includes National, Regional and County membership.

New to Archery?

If you haven't shot with an Archery GB club before, you will need to do a beginners' course. Our beginners' courses run several times a year, and go from the absolute basics to being able to shoot a bow safely and confidently.

Details of the beginners courses are available here.

New to the Club?
If you have previously shot at another club and are a member of Archery GB, we will arrange a free assessment session with one of our club coaches, who will need to be satisfied that you are safe and competent to shoot without further supervision. We shoot under the control of a Field Captain, but members are expected to be able to shoot independently and safely.​ It's very easy to see if someone knows what they are doing, so the assessment session doesn't take very long.

Email to ask about joining.

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