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Golden Records Online - Frequently Asked Questions


Droitwich Archery Society uses Golden Records Online by Toxik Software to manage members' scoring records, handicaps and classifications.  This means that club members are able to enter their scores directly, as well as track their progress and check club records.


  • Do I have to sign up?
    No, you don't have to use Golden Records Online.  You can still get your scores to the Records Officer by email, by using the club website or by handing over a score sheet. 

  • Do I need to consent to data storage?
    If you want to use the online features of Golden Records, you need to give your informed consent when creating your account. If you don't, your account invitation is cancelled on the Golden Records Online system and you won't be able to register scores there.  

    Your data is still kept in Golden Records for the purpose of tracking Club Records, and will be updated manually by the Records Officer when you submit scores. You can withdraw your consent for that as well, but that will mean we won't track your scores at all and you won't be able to gain handicaps and classifications.

  • Is my data safe? 
    At the moment, all that is stored is the email address (where you have provided one) and your date of birth (if a Junior member), alongside information to do with your archery (AGB number, scores, joining date and so on).

    We may start to use the club management features of Golden Records, at which point we will add some of the other information the club keeps. This will not include any financial information, as that is stored separately in our accounting software. If we decide to do this, we will let you know in advance.

  • How is the data stored? 
    All Golden Records Online data is stored in UK data centres, on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This is managed by Toxik Software as a registered data processor registered with the ICO.  Their associated FAQ is here:

  • Why is the user name surname-first?
    The archer names in Golden Records Online are set up to sort alphabetically, which is why they appear surname-first.  
    The username for the account is generated from the archer name (for example Smith John / Smith_John) 

  • What if you don't have my email address?
    We often don't have separate email addresses for Juniors if their parents are also members.  Also some families use one address for everyone.  In this case, you might get more than one invitation (or in the case of juniors with no email, no invitation at all). Each invitation is for a separate archer's account, so will need a separate password.  Please get in touch with if you need to add an email to get your account set up.​

We hope that Golden Records Online will be a helpful and informative aid to your shooting, allowing you to track scores over the months and years, and compare your progress as you improve.

If you have any other questions, please contact

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