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Summer Shooting
5pm to Dusk
10am to 1pm
2:30pm to 5pm

The field is available to all members at these times, although for safety reasons beginners can't shoot on their own.  Some sessions (e.g. Sunday) are less well attended and the field may not be open.

Droitwich Archery
Summer Albion
Sunday 24th July 2022

St George



Windsor 50

Windsor 40

Windsor 30

100/80/60 yd

80/60/50 yd

60/50/40 yd

50/40/30 yd

40/30/20 yd

30/20/10 yd

CWAA Junior Indoors
Reading List

Some of these are pricey or can be hard to find, but Kindle versions are available for many of them.  Also, there may be a club member who has a copy they are willing to lend out.

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