11500 Mile Challenge

On Saturday morning March 2nd 2019 a team of DAS archers shot a Portsmouth round. Nothing unusual there, except that this particular round is for a challenge unique to Droitwich archery Society and Greenwood Archers. It is unique becaue the two teams are based 11500 miles apart. Greenwood Archers are based in North Island New Zealand and is the local club for one of our former members Alan Logan. So Hi to you all at Greenwood Archers. The challenge is in two parts, so while we shoot an indoor round they shoot an outdoor summer round and vice versa. At the end of both rounds the scores are tallied up. Having lost the first two challenges Droitwich archers won the third and are the current holders. Some very good scores were shot on Saturday so perhaps we will be able to retain the trophy this year.

On the shootingline.

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