DAS Albion Tournament 24 June 2018

There was an excellent turn out for our annual Albion Tournament, the first at our new ground, with a full car park and a good number of tents behind the shooting line. The weather was perfect - warm and sunny with very little wind. There was competition from a certain other sporting event on Sunday, which I believe England won 6-1. However, true to form, the archers were not distracted by other lesser sports. The field looked glorious and could easily accommodate a lot more archers, so make a note in your diaries for next year. In addition to the usual recurve and compound bows there was representation from barebow and longbow archers. The juniors shot shorter distances whilst a few of the archers took on the more challenging St George round, shooting 100yards as their longest distance. Many thanks to all who attended. We hope you enjoyed the day. Thank you also to those who helped with the arrangements and on the day.

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