Frequently Asked Questions - Beginners

How do I join?


If you haven't shot with a club before, you will need to complete a beginners' course.  Please check our beginners' course page for information about the next course. If you already have experience of archery through membership of another club we may ask you to take part in a free assessment session with one of our club coaches, who will need to be satisfied that you are safe and competent to shoot without further supervision.

Do I have to buy equipment to join?


No. The club will lend you equipment during the beginners' course, and you would quickly outgrow any equipment you buy in the first couple of months of shooting. The club coaches will be happy to visit an archery shop with you once you are ready to buy some equipment, and to advise on what might best suit.

Can I just try it?


The club runs several "Have A Go" sessions at events in and around Droitwich during the summer season, including an annual appearance at Hanbury Fete in June. This gives you the opportunity to shoot a few arrows at a target and see how you like it. We also occasionally run open days at our outdoor shooting ground, near Hanbury, where you can come along and give it a try. Contact us to see if there are any Have A Go sessions currently planned.

We also regularly get asked to organise archery sessions for corporate team building events, birthday, hen or stag parties and other one-off occasions. Please contact the secretary if you would like to visit us in Droitwich for a special event.

How old do I have to be?


Children need to be at least 8 years old in order to be covered by our insurance, but just as importantly they must be mature enough to listen and follow instructions and physically big and strong enough to use the equipment. In practice we do find that children under 10 sometimes struggle with one or the other of these things! There is no upper age limit, so as long as you are fit enough to take part you are very welcome to have a go.

How much does it cost?


The costs of our beginners' courses are listed on their own page.  This cost includes all tuition and equipment.

Club membership costs are listed in the Members' section.


Equipment can be expensive, but you can kit out an adult with good basic equipment for around £450.  PLEASE don't buy anything before you complete a beginners' course as it will probably not be suitable for you after a couple of months.